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Cosentino announces seven new Dekton® colours, which offer authenticity and quality

Cosentino has today revealed seven new colours in the Dekton® colour range, comprising a total of 22 different references within four collections: Solid Collection, Natural Collection, Tech Collection and Wild Collection.

Cosentino has expanded the Dekton range with a series of seven elegant new colours, each of which evoke a feeling of beauty and peace. In response to the latest design trends for spaces imbued with balance and calming, elegant colours, Cosentino presents Ventus, Korus, Galema (Solid Collection), Keon (Tech Collection), Kelya (Natural Collection), Borea and Makai (Wild Collection).

 Cosentino has launched the new Dekton colours in three states simultaneously across the country, with a series of events for customers and partners at its showrooms and warehouses in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

 Ventus, Korus and Galema: Dekton®’s new greys and ochres for cutting-edge architecture.

Ventus, Korus and Galema join Dekton®’s Solid Collection, a range offering purity and continuity of colour. Ventus, Korus and Galema offer the purest simplicity of greys and ochres, and are outstanding for their smooth, authentic colours. The Solid Collection already features Domoos, Sirius, Ananké, Ariane and Zenith.

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Keon: an innovative Industrial Dekton® finish, inspired by the colour and texture of concrete.

Keon has been added to the Dekton® Tech Collection, a landmark collection for its ground-breaking look and industrial aesthetic. Keon embodies a colour that evokes the natural appearance of concrete, thus confirming Cosentino’s steadfast commitment to noble materials for architectural inspiration. The Tech Collection currently comprises Keranium, Kadum and Strato.

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Kelya: a new, warm finish for Dekton® inspired by natural, dark-colored Spanish stone (e.g. calatorao stone).

Kelya is part of the Dekton® Natural Collection, a series that reflects Cosentino’s desire to emulate the best of what nature offers. Like all the other colours in this collection, Kelya recalls the appearance of natural stone. The newest colour, Kelya is exceptional for its dark, emphatic appearance and its delicate pattern of veining to create exclusive designs. Kelya joins Danae, Sirocco, Vegha, Irok, Edora, Aura and Kairos within the Dekton® Natural Collection.


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Borea and Makai: exclusive Dekton® wood finishes, romantic vintage white and dark, solid wood.

Borea and Makai are two new colours inspired by the texture of wood and which mark the addition of a new collection to the Dekton® range, thanks to their distinctive, sophisticated creations: introducing the Wild Collection. This collection allows architects and designers to create spaces that are timeless while at the same time guaranteeing excellent technical performance. While Borea has a dark, deep and solid look, Makai is a cream-colored surface, occasionally interrupted by delicate ochre veining. Dekton® currently includes two other colours with a wood finish: Ariane and Ananké, which, due to their smooth look, are part of the above-mentioned Solid Collection.


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