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Dekton by Cosentino adds new natural colours to XGloss line

These three new shades are incorporated into Dekton® XGloss, the innovative line of polished high-tech, ultra-compact surfaces, which Cosentino launched in February 2016

Glacier, Fiord and Tundra pay homage to the nobility, history and timeless qualities of materials used since ancient times. In them, aesthetic beauty is fused with the fascinating luminosity and high-tech quality, which only a surface like Dekton® can provide.

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Dekton by Cosentino
, the innovative ultra-compact surface by the Cosentino Group, has added three new ultra lustrous colours to its Dekton® XGloss line. Nature and natural stone have served as the inspiration in the creation of Glacier, Fiord and Tundra, three shades which, thanks to their unique, exclusive designs, once again highlight the capacity for innovation of the Cosentino company.

Dekton® XGloss
, the innovative line of polished high-tech ultra-compact surfaces, characterised by its dazzling, crystalline shine, came into being in February 2016, with five unique colours, included in the “Dekton® XGloss Solid” collection, by virtue of their smooth, strong and even finishes.  The emergence of Glacier, Fiord and Tundra gives rise to a new collection, “Dekton® XGloss Natural”, so named for their resemblance to the authenticity and magnificence only found in the colours and textures of natural stone.

Glacier, Fiord and Tundra pay homage to the nobility, history and timeless qualities of materials used since ancient times. In these three colours, aesthetic beauty is fused with the fascinating luminosity and high-tech quality which only a surface like Dekton® can provide. No other comparable surface in existence today achieves such a fusion of aesthetics and technical performance.

Inspired by natural stone, Glacier displays a fine marbling of a golden colour on a white background.  This is a lustrous proposal by virtue of its polished finish, and is an understated, subtle option, due to its remarkable colour. Glacier is the epitome of design, purity and elegance in its all aspects.

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Inspired by nature, Fiord recaptures the beauty of the most luxurious cream tones of Onyx.  Yellows, earthen colours and other intense tones make up the range of colours within Fiord, infusing it with warmth and unmistakable nuances. The original randomness of its design lends a natural, unique and dazzling structure to its finish. Fiord is sophistication in its purest essence.

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Inspired by natural stone, Tundra offers a white base with grey flecks running through it, which create and highlight unprecedented paths. Tundra, with its candid, authentic appearance, recreates the properties of marble, with its remarkable structure of veins, its sumptuous luminosity and its subtle white background. Tundra is synonymous with infinite exquisiteness.

These three new shades posses each and every one of the properties of Dekton® XGloss, achieved through advanced nanotechnology and mechanical polishing treatment, to produce a dazzling, crystalline shine, and unforgettably high levels of durability and strength.

The spectacular appearance of Dekton® XGloss has been made possible thanks to a pioneering, exclusive treatment process, developed by the R+D department at Cosentino, using nanotechnology. In addition to a wonderful luminosity, this process endows Dekton® XGloss with certain water-repellent properties, capable of producing an extraordinary resistance to staining, without altering the other properties of the material or adding coating to the surface.

Thanks to the Particle Sintering Technology (TSP) used in its manufacture, Dekton® XGloss has outstanding technical properties, including resistance to UV rays, abrasion, staining or thermal shock, thus making it the perfect material for both indoor and outdoor use: façades, kitchen or bathroom counter tops, floors and paving, stairs and other types of cladding. Dekton® is available for manufacture with the option of large slabs sizes of up to 144cm x 320cm and in thicknesses of 20mm, 12mm and 8mm thus increasing both its aesthetic and architectural possibilities. Dekton® by Cosentino continues demonstrate that it is the best ally for designers and architects worldwide.

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Dekton XGloss has obtained Red Dot Award: Product Design 2016







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